Welcome to the Crypt!

I'm your local eldritch horror with a passion for all things visual arts, based in Greece. The main themes of my art is cosmic horror, magical realism and a shred of hope to portray the subconscious human experience via short comics with an array of ( questionably) wholesome and disturbing topics.

Major Warnings
  • My works are purely my own thoughts/dreams/subconscious creations.
  • The topics depicted may range from simple posters accompanied by snippets of lyrics from various songs to portrayals of heavy topics, such as: depression, isolation, suicide and nightmarish scenarios. Each work has trigger warnings by each title.
  • If you are sensitive to such themes, please enjoy my more non-nightmare fuel works.


  • Based in Greece
  • Tradional & Digital Artist
  • BA in Fine Arts & New Media ( AKTO & Middlesex University) 2022
  • participates in small, local exhibitions (last exhibition: Power of Art 5/9-18/9/2022, MegArt Gallery)
>If you want to contact me, or simply see my art please visit my

My softwares of choice are (the ones I have experience working with):

  • Drawing/Illustrating: Krita and Photoshop ( some minor Clip Studio Paint and Gimp)
  • Video Editing/ Animation Rendering : Adobe Premier and After Effects
  • Photography: Canon EOS 2000D
  • Coding: (in progress) HTML

Will you draw xyz?

  • Because of work (2022/23) my free time is limited , but my commisions are open
  • my prices are customable and flexible
  • but they range between 20-50 Euro ( 19-48 USD)
(Please state your request clearly, with as much possible details you can describe. Please be also reminded that I can refuse a request based on me being uncomfortable with the idea/prompt or a matter of creative/aesthetic disagreement.)

Thank you for visiting this hellsite (affectionate)